Google’s CEO Vows to Correct Company’s Glaring Burger-Emoji Error

Good luck to any Android users who try arguing that Google is superior: It can’t even put ingredients on a burger properly, to say nothing of solving device fragmentation. The tech giant’s cheeseburger emoji apparently opts for an order that runs completely contrary to good taste and the wisdom of every top burger-maker in New York City:

Media analyst Thomas Baekdal brought the Google version to everybody’s attention on Twitter this weekend. Between the two buns, the company’s graphic designer decided to add, from top to bottom, lettuce and tomato, then patty, then the cheese. Meat on the bottom topped with cheese and the remaining ingredients is arguably the most standard configuration — and while still a minor deviation, Apple’s at least employs a known burger hack, putting the lettuce below the meat as a barrier against sogginess. Google’s sacrilege struck a nerve immediately (Baekdal’s tweet has now been liked 37,000 times, and somehow even got its own Fox & Friends segment this morning), forcing Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai to address the company’s looming #burgergate yesterday on his Sunday off.

Apple, Google, and other tech companies can style Unicode’s emoji any way they want, so there’s actually a lot of burger ideograms out there, several of them somehow worse. (Samsung users get an abomination that would only please haters of melted cheese — on top of the hot patty, there is cold lettuce, then a slice of cheese, then cold tomato.) Pichai understands the urgency of this, and said they’re willing to rearrange Google’s toppings in a more rational fashion as soon as today. But he’s also got the world’s most important internet company to run, so he’d prefer to crowdsource the proper ingredient order. “If folks can agree on the correct way to do this,” he says Google will “drop everything” and retire their cheese-on-bottom monstrosity.

Let’s hope Google execs don’t have plans to dive into the restaurant business anytime soon.

Google Vows to Correct Its Glaring Burger-Emoji Error