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This Is Why You Don’t Eat the ‘World’s Hottest Chip’ on Live TV

Last year, demented gourmet-snack-maker Paqui invented the #OneChipChallenge, a “contest” that pits you against a $4.99 tortilla chip dubbed “the world’s hottest” because it’s made from Carolina Reapers, peppers twice as fiery as ghost peppers. For context, they are so hot, they sometimes burn holes in people’s esophagi.

People who eat them generally look full of regret, so naturally Paqui brought the challenge back this year, and cranked the heat up, so the chip’s hotter than ever. Denver’s KWGN thought forcing its morning crew to take the challenge would provide a minute of lighthearted TV before probably seguing back into something depressing.

This would turn into a very fateful decision for Daybreak anchor Natalie Tysdal.

“Oh, oh! Natalie threw up! Ewww!” one co-host helpfully observes, as cameras are running. “This is going very poorly folks,” another adds with a forced half-smile, before looking offscreen and urgently saying, “Someone get her help, please. No, seriously.”

Tysdal jumped on Facebook later to say that she was all right, just traumatized:

I thought I was okay until I had a drink of my coffee to wash down the chip. I threw up, couldn’t breathe and felt like fire was coming out of my mouth, nose and ears. I had a bottle of water, a glass of milk, a tablespoon of honey and 3 mints and still felt on fire. An hour later I had chills and a massive headache. Three hours have gone by and I feel like I was beat up in a dark alley.

She adds that she would not recommend the #OneChipChallenge.

Here’s Why You Don’t Eat World’s Hottest Pepper on Live TV