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How a Bangkok KFC Inspired One of the Most Interesting Dishes at Uncle Boons Sister

Most of the dishes at Ann Redding and Matt Danzer’s brand-new fast-casual spot, Uncle Boons Sister, take their cues from traditional Thai street food. Not so the fried chicken larb. That one was inspired by KFC — a food-court KFC, no less, inside a Bangkok mall. “We were eating at all these great little spots with my family, and they know where to go — all the little hole-in-the-wall places,” says Redding. “And then I saw the KFC fried chicken larb.” When the photo of the Frankendish caught Redding’s eye, she was smitten, but the purist members of the food crawl forbade her from trying the thing, and it remained stuck in her head like a catchy pop tune. “I really wanted to have it,” she says. “So we decided to make our own rendition.”

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On the menu at Uncle Boons Sister; $14; 203 Mott St., nr. Spring St.; 646-850-9374.

*This article appears in the October 2, 2017, issue of New York Magazine.

How KFC Inspired Uncle Boons Sister’s Most Interesting Dish