A Redskins-Themed Bar Racked Up $2.5 Million in Debt After 15 Months in Business

That’s a lot of wings. Photo: RealtyMarkets

Today, the Washington Post offers a report on Hail & Hog, a Redskins-themed restaurant in Washington, D.C., that lasted for just a single football season, and racked up $2.5 million in debt during its 15-month run. The owners, Redskins Grille 1 LLC, filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in January in hopes that they could keep it going, but the company was forced into liquidation in August. It was one franchise in a league of sports bars that, like the USFL, wasn’t meant to be.

The parent company behind the restaurant is G.R.E.A.T. Grille Group, the same company that opened such NFL-themed restaurants as the Indianapolis Colts Grille and Houston Texans Grille. Both of those places have closed this year, with the Houston Texans Grille shuttering in February, and the Indianapolis Colts Grille following it in July. (The shuttering of the Indianapolis restaurant, according to local TV station WISH, came as a surprise to fans.) As for Hog & Hail, it wasn’t exactly a hit with Washington Post food writer Tim Carman, who called it “as disappointing as the team itself,” and wrote that the mashed potatoes were so bad that he feared he would “awake in a cold sweat, terrorized by the memory of this leaden mass.” Tim, whatever you do, do not watch It.

A Redskins-Themed Bar Went $2.5 Million Into Debt