nacho problem

Hero Baseball Player Gives Fan New Nachos After Knocking Over His First Order

Foul play. Photo: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Last night, Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell swan-dived into the St. Louis Cardinals’ stands to catch a foul ball. He emerged empty-handed, but the leap also didn’t end very well for the Cards fan in the front row (who had to sidestep Russell’s airborne body like a matador), or that fan’s plate of nachos, which were largely uneaten at the time:

Russell had to wipe quite a bit of cheese off of his arms afterward, and the grounds crew spent a good while figuring out how to remove dirt-caked nachos from the field. A few minutes later, though, all was made good when Russell brought the fan a surprise delivery:

Classy move, Russell:

Look at that face. Photo: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

He even stuck around for a selfie with the Cards fan, who’s already embraced his newfound fame by changing his Twitter name to “nacho man.”

Baseball Player Gives Fan Nachos After Spilling First Order