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McDonald’s Store Gives Workers Exactly 3 Minutes Off to ‘Enjoy’ the Eclipse

A McDonald’s in the Midwest really spoiled its staff during yesterday’s eclipse. It was on the path of totality (somewhere near Festus, Missouri, it would seem), and according to a window sign that’s gone viral on Reddit, the location gave everyone on that shift permission to abandon the flattop grill or deep fryer and go savor the moment. The literal moment, that is, because they only got three minutes off:

The notice on the window informed customers they’d have to gnaw on their hands from 1:17 p.m. until about 1:20 p.m. — well, more like 1:21, once workers resumed their stations — while the moon was passing between the Sun and Earth. It thanked guests for their understanding, and mentioned the point was to give employees a chance to see the “‘once in a lifetime’ spectacle” firsthand.

Other area locations apparently joined in this spirit of generosity, too. People online found a slightly more benevolent franchisee across the state line in Illinois, which gave employees a full ten minutes to take in the rare astronomical event:

Hard to say what’s more depressing: the fact that McDonald’s customers need a sign alerting them to the pause in service (“Huh, it’s suddenly become nighttime at one o’clock in the afternoon, but this McDonald’s has exactly two minutes to finish my Filet-O-Fish, or I’m gonna rage”), or the fact that it’ll be April 8, 2024, before any workers can take this three-minute break again.

McDonald’s Gives Workers Exactly 3 Minutes to Savor Eclipse