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Watch Gordon Ramsay Cook Scrambled Eggs Over, and Over, and Over

At it again. Photo: MasterChef

Yet another Gordon Ramsay video is going viral this week, in which the chef somehow teaches novices how to cook without going stark raving mad. Very out of character, you may observe, but turns out people really love seeing the hothead in this calmer, more alien form. Especially the people in this clip — it’s a demo of proper egg-scrambling technique from this season of MasterChef, and you can watch the contestants’ eyes literally go wide as Ramsay calmly divulges “the secret behind any great scrambled egg” right there in their presence:

It’s practically identical every time — the same cold eggs into the same sauce pan with the same “small knobs” of butter, followed by the same tips (“Do not overcook”; season at the end, so the eggs don’t turn gray; finish with a teaspoon of crème fraîche).

Here Ramsay is six years ago making eggs for The Daily. The News Corp.–owned publication wouldn’t survive, but his method did:

Jimmy Kimmel learned it in 2014, although his takeaway was mostly that Ramsay is “crazy about knobs of butter”:

On The F Word back in 2010, Ramsay did what you might call a proto-demo. The technique was less polished, but he did get to drop about 800 F-bombs during the walk-through:

He even included his go-to dish in 2011’s Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Christmas special. It was the holidays, so this time he upped the butter allotment to “a nice, generous knob”:

Watch Gordon Ramsay Cook Scrambled Eggs Over and Over Again