Customer Claims Chick-fil-A Baked a Rodent Into Her Sandwich Bun

Count us out if this is the result of eating “mor chikin.” Photo: Bucks County Court

A Philadelphia woman is suing Chick-fil-A for allegedly serving her a sandwich that was part dead mouse. Ellen Manfalouti, a 46-year-old Nationwide Insurance employee, claims she found the somewhat desiccated creature baked into a sandwich she ate for lunch last November. When she dug in, she “felt something funny on the bottom of the bun.” She looked, saw a darker area, and in her frustration remarked, “They burned my roll really bad.” Her co-worker wasn’t so sure it was burned, though (“I could see the whiskers and the tail,” she tells, and Manfalouti’s moment of realization quickly followed. She says she “basically lost my mind. I screamed.”

She reportedly received an IV for nausea at the local ER, and eventually started seeing a therapist for her “anxiety and nightmares.” The lawsuit also includes lab analysis confirming that the creature was a small “rat/mouse” that managed to get itself baked into the sandwich bun. Her attorney tells that they gave Chick-fil-A, the franchisee, and the bread supplier “every chance in the world to talk,” but things devolved into a blame game: “Chick-fil-A sought to push responsibility onto the franchise owner, the owner said the bakery may have been to blame, and the bakery’s insurance company denied liability.”

Since the suit is ongoing, Chick-fil-A says it’s “not going to make any comment” about Manfalouti’s allegations. She’s asked for more than $50,000 to cover physical and psychological injuries.

Chick-fil-A Customer Says Sandwich Had Mouse Baked Into Bun