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New York’s Best Bar Food Will Satisfy Every Craving

Bar food usually means burgers, fries, and wings. At Bar Goto, owner Kenta Goto is doing things a little differently. He told Grub Street’s Sierra Tishgart that he hoped to create a “Japanese-style American Bar.” While he didn’t turn his back on familiar American bar food like wings and celery, he’s taken care to imbue these dishes with a little “Japaneseness.” That means his wings are coated with two types of miso, and the celery sticks are topped with kombu, a super-savory type of seaweed, and sesame seeds. The result is a dish that’s complex, yet somehow still the perfect indulgence after a few of those elegant cocktails.

Check out the video above to try some of the menu highlights, and see why Bar Goto serves some of the absolute best bar food in New York.

New York’s Best Bar Food Will Satisfy Every Drunk Craving