A Californian Is Making Pot-Infused Farm-to-Table Olive Oil

Great for entertaining dinner guests. Photo: Luke Beard

People who claim olive oil has a low smoking point have … not been to San Francisco lately. Earlier this month, some Bay Area food entrepreneurs debuted a product they’re calling Pot d’Huile, an olive oil that gets you high. They call it the first such product on the market, but it should probably also be in the running for All-Time Most Northern California Thing: It’s a glass flask of artisanal oil with a French name that uses “small family farms” in the Sierra foothills and locally sourced cannabis extract. Naturally, it’s being marketed as marrying the “spirit” of West Coast locavores with the “needs” of pot users.

The $42.50 bottles are 100 milliliters in size and contain 100 milligrams of THC. Founder Yannick Crespo says this was purposeful because it makes for easy math: One milliliter is equivalent to one milligram of THC, allowing for “easy dosage depending on the desired effect.” He explains it was hard work creating a product that “would appeal to epicureans and those with discerning palates,” but also offers “safe, easy, and consistent” dosing. “Our first try tasted awful,” he told Bon Appétit earlier this year, before PdH hit dispensaries. “The cannabis extract didn’t mix with the oil, and the whole thing smelled like a barnyard — not something you’d want to cook with.”

Luckily, the new stuff is getting more enthusiastic reviews: State laws still won’t let them cook with it in their restaurants, but Bay Area chefs have already praised its taste, consistency, and “relaxing sensation.”

A Californian Is Making Pot-Infused Farm-to-Table Olive Oil