Macron Will Make Trump Eat Lobster and Caviar While He’s in Paris

“Me? Eat lobster?” Photo: Tobias Schwartz/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump does not have, how do you say, the most sophisticated palate. But much like he wouldn’t submit to Trump’s handshake tactics, French president Emmanuel Macron will not bend to Trump’s diet of rubbery steaks and fast food. (No Croque McDo for you, Donald!) The president will be in Paris this week as Macron’s guest of honor for the annual parade celebrating France’s national day, and Paris Match magazine reports that the French leader will also take him out for a fancy lobster dinner.

This Thursday, the pair, their delegations, and guests will pop into Jules Verne, a restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. Besides its very nice views, it is notably run by one of the country’s greatest chefs, Alain Ducasse. A staff member confirmed the meal to the Local, an English-language publication based in France, while Paris Match reports that the menu includes blue lobster and caviar. The question on everyone’s mind: Will Trump ask for ketchup with his caviar?

Macron Urging Trump to Eat Lobster While He’s in Paris