wake and bake

Here Come Weed-Infused Coffee Pods

Beats a bong. Photo: Brewbudz

Your Keurig has acquired a new skill beyond making meh push-button coffee and cups of Campbell’s soup: A company called Cannabiniers has introduced Brewbudz, “the world’s first cannabis infused coffee, tea, and cocoa pods.” They use responsibly sourced arabica beans, work in a regular Keurig machine (tough luck, Nespresso fans), and vary in strength from 10 milligrams of THC — one dose, at least as defined by the state of Colorado — all the way up to 50 milligrams. Besides the teas and hot chocolate, there’s also a decaf version that uses indica strains instead of sativa, to help users “relax and sleep.”

As Cannabiniers’s press release points out, a lot more Americans now use pot, and 61 percent consume coffee daily — more than 600 million cups’ worth, in fact. Realizing few products try killing those two birds with one stone, the company eagerly hired scientists to develop a way to wake and bake that’s “both socially acceptable and discreet.”

The Brewbudz pods they came up with are flower-based, so supposedly they won’t introduce oils that leave gross residue inside your Keurig. That’s a nice plus, but their best feature may be entirely off the public’s radar, since the big focus is clearly on what’s inside the pods: Cannabiniers claims that — oh, by the way — Brewbudz pods are also “100% compostable.” Each has a ring made from dried coffee-bean husks, known as chaff, and a lid that’s fashioned from compostable materials and inks. As a result, the whole pod can “break down in weeks,” the company explains, creating a by-product that will actually fertilize the ground, rather than add to the billions of spent pods already littering it for near-eternity.

Each pod costs $7, or about the price of a fancy single-origin pour-over these days. They’re available as of yesterday at Nevada dispensaries, but Cannabiniers says Colorado and California are up next.

Here Come Weed-Infused Coffee Pods