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Scott Walker Is in a Twitter War With Beer Nerds, America

“This beer is stable and frugal, just like me.” Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Yesterday was supposed to be business as usual for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker — squeeze in some casual union-busting, eat precisely two ham sandwiches at noon, be home to the family in time for dinner. At some point, though, he learned Wired had run a piece called “Nothing Bums Me Out Like Scott Walker’s Instagram Feed” that mocked the painfully bad photos he insists on posting to social media. (Here are his versions of food porn.) The story apparently angered the governor, but because he’s a turn-the-other-cheek kind of guy, he tweeted (and Instagrammed!) this hospitable gesture:

Everyone’s still waiting for the liberal media to issue its formal reply, but that didn’t stop people on Twitter from dragging Walker for his offer of MillerCoors beer-water:

The “Union Made” irony is hard to top, but the critics who managed to exact a reply from Walker were less political. People were simply peeved the governor would pick Miller instead of New Glarus, or another of his state’s highly rated independent breweries:

By this point, Walker was clearly a little annoyed himself (hence the beer pairing suggestion), but got the memo and broadened his offer to the liberal media:

Walker might avoid this whole controversy next time, though, by calling his goodwill gesture to haters a “mystery item,” and tucking it inside one of his infamous brown bags. There’s a seemingly endless supply of those lying around anyway:

Beer Nerds Tweet-Shame Scott Walker for Drinking Miller Lite