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Would You Endure This Bar’s Terrifying Version of the Knife Game for a Free Shot?

How much is a finger worth to you? If your answer is, “One shot of alcohol, preferably of the Mekhong whiskey variety,” then start planning a trip to Thailand. You’ll basically be drinking for free the whole time if you can find Mong Bar, where shots are on the house every time you agree to let the bartender put you through this:

Rock hammer, cleaver, ax, power drill — the odds seem pretty high that this is world’s worst version of the knife game, since it’s more dignifying to explain that you lost your right pinky in a dare than for the purpose of acquiring 1.5 ounces of cheap Thai liquor. As it happens, the exceptionally menacing drill portion seems to be the crowd favorite:

At least once you get your free shot — which, who knows, may come from a bottle containing a snake — you’ll have the opportunity to sit and enjoy it, let your heart rate slow back down, and if you’re lucky, maybe have a fire dancer hurl flames at your face:

Would You Endure This Terrifying Bar Game for a Free Shot?