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A Police Officer Found a Bolt in His Arby’s Sandwich

A police sergeant in Birmingham, Alabama, claims his Arby’s Classic Roast Beef sandwich came with an inch-long bolt. Arby’s is arguing that the decent-sized piece of hardware fell off a machine in the store’s kitchen, but Sergeant Patrick Cosby isn’t necessarily buying it. “I don’t know how you make a sandwich with a bolt that large in it and not be intentional,’’ he tells His wife posted a pic on Facebook, and you can’t exactly fault them for thinking a threaded bolt tucked under the meat like that looks a little suspicious:

Cosby ordered from the drive-through in uniform while driving his patrol car. He says the clerk at the window greeted him with, “Hey, officer.” He took his food back to the station, and says he only got one bite into the sandwich before hitting something “really hard.” He spit it out, looked at the sandwich, and realized, “There’s a massive bolt laying there.” He returned to Arby’s with the sandwich, and says a shocked manager told him, “I would like to think that it was not intentional, but I don’t know.”

Arby’s says an investigation began as soon as Cosby reported the incident. “After reviewing video footage from our kitchen speaking with our team members, we are confident no one was targeted in this instance,” it said in a statement, adding that the chain has “a long-standing tradition of supporting our men and women in uniform.” That particular location has also apparently had issues with its meat cutter in the past, although Cosby argues that’s still very much the franchise’s bad: “Either somebody intentionally placed the bolt there, or there’s been gross negligence in using a cutter you know is faulty.”

He has since filed a police report and contacted the FDA. “What are the chances it was an officer that got the one-inch bolt in his sandwich?” he asks “If I were making a sandwich at home, I’d know if a one-inch bolt was in there.”

A Police Officer Found a Bolt in His Arby’s Sandwich