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The Reviews for Burger King’s Lucky Charms Milkshake Are Savage

Enough sugar to test a leprechaun’s luck. Photo: Burger King

Burger King has added a questionable new dessert mash-up involving Lucky Charms to its menu, joining the Froot Loops shake, which BK debuted in April. It’s made by blending vanilla soft serve with a syrup version of the General Mills breakfast, and a handful of the actual cereal gets thrown on top, too.

Here are a couple fun, quick stats about the shake: It has 740 calories. It contains 107 grams of sugar. Burger King notes that the item was “very popular in consumer testing.” And General Mills has already expressed enthusiasm about creating “future cereal shake flavors.”

The reviews, though? Not great:

Burger King’s Lucky Charms Milkshake Earns Savage Reviews