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Zima Is Back to Remind Everyone of the Bad Decisions They Made in the ’90s

Time to pump things up with some Jock Jams. Photo: Zima

Zima — the clear ’90s malt beverage whose reputation has improved drastically with age, like the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers — has returned to store shelves for a limited summertime release. To get people re-hyped about “zomething different,” MillerCoors went in search of every conceivable throwback it could find. To wit, here’s the ad posted to Zima’s official Twitter account, which was forced to use the handle @Zima__Official because that’s what happens when your brand has lain dormant since VHS tapes were a thing. Get ready for cameos by JNCOs, vacuum-suction hair cutters, Trolls, tie-dye, lava lamps, and Hammer pants:

MillerCoors’s biggest coup isn’t getting nostalgic 30-somethings to stock up on a six-pack of Zima and bag of watermelon Jolly Ranchers, though. It’s inspiring the unicorn-Frappuccino generation to Instagram one of the least exciting bottles ever created, that’s filled with a colorless liquid nobody technically liked, even in their teens:

Zima Is Back As a Legendary Reminder of Bad ’90s