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What the Hell Did This Woman Just Find in Her Coconut Water?

Barbara Kline, a big-time coconut-water enthusiast in upstate New York, says an unfortunate incident with a box of Vita Coco has ruined the tropical refreshment for her forever. And — fair warning — once you see what was allegedly floating around inside her carton, your days of enjoying the beverage may be over, too:

Per the New York Post, Kline suffered “days” of vomiting and diarrhea after accidentally consuming the slimy contents back on April 25. At first, she thought she’d grabbed a flavored Vita Coco by mistake. But the label confirmed that it was supposed to be coconut water au naturel, and when she poured some of the liquid into the sink, she noticed it had a very unnatural yellow color. She heard stuff “clunking around” after shaking the container, then cut it open and found the “squid or octopus-looking thing” waiting for her inside.

Her next step was to take lots of pictures for Facebook:

Vita Coco reached out after the post started getting traction on social media, but Kline believes the company might pull some shenanigans if she relinquishes the mass. “They offered to pick it up from my house,” she tells the Post. “But why would I give them the only evidence I have to protect myself?” For now, it’s being stored in her freezer until she can hunt down a test lab. (The FDA would be an obvious choice, but she’s reportedly having issues getting somebody on the phone.)

A spokesperson for Vita Coco says, “We have been trying to help this consumer since April 26, 2017, and have been in touch with her every day this week.” He claims Kline agreed yesterday to let an insurance rep come by her home, but seems to have since changed her mind. “To give her ‘answers’ as she has requested,” he adds, “we or a credible laboratory need to test the original product.” In case anyone wants his opinion, he thinks it’s a little weird that she’s “chosen to hold onto this product for 14 days.”

What the Hell Did This Woman Just Find in Her Coconut Water?