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A Shocking, Graphic Video Is Being Circulated on Twitter of a Man Putting Taco Seasoning on Watermelon

Burn it with fire.

There is a horrifying video going around Twitter today featuring chef James Briscione of Man Crafted, a Food Network show I only discovered existed about half an hour ago. It is, friends, as I said, truly horrifying. In it, Briscione first demonstrates how to slice up a watermelon. This part is fine, if wrong. (Who wants to eat watermelon in sad cubes on sticks, when slices are clearly the superior form?) But then, a very bad thing happens where Briscione recommends sprinkling your newly sliced fruit with salt and taco seasoning. (If you feel you must dress up your melon, there are plenty of good watermelon toppings out there — feta and oil, chili powder and a little lime juice, sour cream and brown sugar — this just isn’t one of them.)

It’s like peas and guacamole all over again.

Seemingly Normal Watermelon Video Has Twist Ending From Hell