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Trader Joe’s Introduces the World’s Teeny-Tiniest Avocados

Small, trust us. Photo: Trader Joe’s

Undersized foods are cute, but let’s be honest here: Graded on functionality, they stink. (Go ahead — see how full you get nibbling at a hamster’s hot dog.) Partly to prove there are exceptions to every rule, and partly because this masterstroke is sure to score them weeks, and maybe even months, of free social media, Trader Joe’s has started selling bags of what it calls Teeny Tiny Avocados. They come six to a bag, and at about the size of a lime, are still big enough to immediately identify you as an Instagrammer of trendy foods, not the holder of a sad, small, possibly mossy black rock.

“The name is cute, but not entirely accurate,” Trader Joe’s smugly says of this new item. “They’re personal, single-serve, ‘where have you been all my life’-sized Hass Avocados.” The idea is for customers to use it all in one sitting, instead of plastic-wrapping the other half for later use — which, as everybody knows, isn’t going to happen. Bags go for $2.69 at stores in Texas and on the West Coast, and for $2.99 everywhere else. That compares with $1.25 as the average sales price right now for a conventional-size avocado.

Best of all, they look too small to fit a latte into, so go nuts on Instagram with these, people.

Trader Joe’s Introduces the World’s Teeny-Tiniest Avocados