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This Is Some Ridiculously Lit Latte Art

Kangbin Lee is a Korean artist whose medium is lattes — it would be a hilarious injustice to call his work merely “latte art,” as if he’s just a barista finishing your cortado off with a nice rosetta. He does those, too, but as he explains in a post on Bored Panda, “I wanted to find an amazing and delicate new flavor of coffee so I developed Cremart.”

Most creations he posts on Instagram require more than frothed milk — full-color Beauty and the Beast illustrations, for instance, or mind-numbingly intricate designs actually inside the espresso machine’s portafilter. Pretty much, you have to be a monster to drink this stuff:

He sees no reason to stay in 2-D, either:

Talented guy! Unfortunately, his taste in music still needs a little work:

This Is Some Ridiculously Lit Latte Art