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Stranded Amtrak Passengers Waited So Long, They Ordered Pizza

Anyone who’s taken Amtrak between New York City and D.C. knows the trains have … lots of issues. This weekend, passengers aboard Northeast Regional train 161 were treated to a six-hour commute. After sitting there for about an hour, one rider — Mitch Katz, founder of a wealth-management company in D.C. — got tired of no dinner. So he ordered pizza and asked for it to be delivered to the train.

The sporting delivery guy, from a spot called Dom’s Pizza around where the train stalled, leaped over an embankment, found Katz’s car, and delivered the pie, ensuring that at least the situation inside his car didn’t devolve into outright cannibalism:

Katz may have been hangry, but he wasn’t greedy. It’s unclear if the offer got accepted, but he even invited Chris Geidner, BuzzFeed’s legal editor who was chronicling the debacle in a lengthy tweetstorm, to swing by his car and find comfort in a tasty slice:

Passengers eventually got transferred to a rescue train and started moving again, this time without a café car, hilariously. So in the end, a brilliant marketing move by the pizzeria, since all the riders disembarked that train feeling two things — upset at Amtrak and craving Dom’s:

Stranded Amtrak Passengers Waited So Long They Ordered Pizza