Pepsi Has Released a Cinnamon-Flavored Soda Tragically Called ‘Fire’

Start bracing now.

Soda’s future is so dark that Pepsi has now embraced full-on self-parody, in an attempt to sell carbonated beverages: A representative for the company admits today to the Street that they’ve released a new Pepsi flavor into the wild, and it’s called, “Fire.” Think of it as Fireball, just without the pesky alcohol part, but still probably vile. Luckily, for the foreseeable future, it’s being quarantined at a “select” number of 7-Eleven stores in Michigan, where you will only find it as a flavor of Slurpee.

Considering the bar for Slurpees isn’t terribly high, it should be pointed out that many people who try the new concoction think Pepsi got, to quote one of them, “too lit”:

Unfortunately, there’s more to this story: Cans of Pepsi Fire have been spotted in foreign markets like Mexico, Singapore, and the Philippines for a while, and the rumor is that the U.S. is up next. A number of social-media posts suggest Pepsi has a prototype at the very least, and that it might even be planning to drop cans (or even bottles) as soon as the third quarter of 2017:

Pepsi Has Released a Cinnamon-Flavored Soda Called ‘Fire’