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A Café Offered Free Food to Liam Neeson — and He Showed Up to Collect

What’s the secret to getting the world’s most dedicated hunter to swing by your restaurant, if he’s in town filming his latest movie? Just put up a sign telling him he eats for free, and the Taken star will find you:

Employees at Big Star Sandwich Company (seriously) heard Neeson was in their neighborhood outside Vancouver shooting scenes for a new action-thriller called Hard Powder, about a mild-mannered snowplow driver who, duh, gets revenge after his son is murdered. So they grabbed the sandwich board, and in big letters wrote “Liam Neeson eats for free” on one side, and “Come in and get Taken away by our sandwiches” on the other. Somebody who knows somebody who’s got access to Neeson must have seen the sign, because he showed up with some of the film crew later that day.

The shop has now created a Neeson special — a “hard-hitting” sandwich with “lots of beef” that’s “seeking sweet revenge”:

A Café Offered Free Food to Liam Neeson — and He Collected