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Finnish Brewery Goes God-Level and Unveils 1,000-Pack of Beer

It was only a matter of time: 1,000-packs of beer have finally arrived. Bad news is they aren’t eligible for Amazon Prime Now just yet, so you’ll need to figure out how to get them home. Also, they’re only for sale in Finland. Even still, this is an impressive gimmick:

The inspiration is partly to show up a rival beer maker. The massive packs of Keisari, which is brewed by Nokian Panimo are said to be a “spontaneous joke” in response to some (now fairly weak-seeming) 100-packs of beer from Karjala there were introduced last month. That said, the availability of these packs is “not a joke,” per Finnish media, and several K-supermarket stores around the country started selling the giant “1,000-päkki” of cans this weekend.

A pack will set you back about €2,150, which is north of two bucks per beer. And you do get something of a bulk discount: To hit a thousand, Keisari had to package five stacks of rows that are 12 beers wide by 18 beers long — for a total of 1,080 cans. That’s an absurd amount of beer, of course, so K-supermarket says it’s going to start breaking pallets that don’t sell by today into more manageably sized packs. You can still, in theory, buy 1,000 beers that way, but somehow the whole endeavor would seem just a little less thrilling.

Finnish Brewery Unveils 1,000-Packs of Beer