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Congress Acts to Create the ‘Golden King’ Crab America Deserves

America’s best crab, very regal, believe me. Photo: Boris Kasimov/CC/flickr

With Trumpcare, internet privacy rules, and a government shutdown all going on, it’s nice to see Washington hasn’t abandoned the issues affecting Americans the most. To wit: In the 2017 spending bill, Congress took the time to legally rename a species of crab commonly caught in the Bering Sea. Politico points out that page 117 of the 1,665-page bill reads, “The acceptable market name of Lithodes aequispinus is ‘golden king crab.’”

By law right now, any giant Lithodes aequispinus legs found in your supermarket’s seafood section must be labeled “brown king crab.” Alaskan crabbers argue that this gilded new title, which they’ve used unofficially for ages anyway, sounds much more appealing than one that uses the word, well, brown.

Finally, a crustacean worthy of being served at White House state dinners. Call it President Trump’s Shellfish Delight.

Congress Acts to Create ‘Golden King’ Crab America Deserves