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The ‘Cloud Eggs’ Instagram Food Trend Is Actually Pretty Great

If your Instagram needs more fairy-tale-themed foods, but less implicit support of type 2 diabetes, then this new “cloud egg” trend is perfect. People are posting photos of eggs whose whites they’ve essentially transformed into the albumen version of a cloud (with the yolk peaking through as the “sun” in the center). The process is simple, if labor-intensive: Separate the yolk, whip the whites as if making meringue, bake into mounds, and then add the yolk back to the middle at the end. Considerably more elbow grease than is required for frying sunny-side up, but of course nobody is going to regram that.

The idea’s actually been around a while (Rachael Ray has an “Eggs in Clouds” recipe that dates back to 2012, though hers look more like biscuits). It probably should be noted that it took about a nanosecond for some enterprising Instagrammer to perch theirs atop avocado toast. That’s not shocking at all, but it does mean that fluffy, purple unicorn eggs will exist by the end of today, and we’ll have officially gone full circle:

The ‘Cloud Eggs’ Instagram Food Trend Is Pretty Great