Behold the Chickle: As You Might Guess, It’s Spicy Chicken Stuffed Inside a Pickle

It’s common knowledge that America’s most innovative chefs can be found working in the kitchens of the country’s baseball stadiums. The churro dog. Spam doughnuts. Whatever this pulled-pork funnel-cake thing is. And now, America’s next great culinary invention comes courtesy of the genius cooks at the Fresno Grizzlies (a triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros). They have turned out a creation that will hopefully live on past its limited-time-only availability: spicy chicken stuffed inside a split pickle. It is called the Chickle.

Is it a pickle-wich, or more like a pickle taco? Whatever it is, the Chickle was created in honor of the team they’re playing, the Nashville Sounds, and that city’s most famous dish: hot chicken. How the pickle got involved is not entirely clear, but for those lucky souls in Fresno, it will be served at tomorrow’s game, which begins at 7:05 p.m. Minor League Baseball teams have a reputation for creating weird foods, but could the Chickle escalate the debauchery to whole new levels?

Behold the Chickle: Hot Chicken Stuffed Inside a Pickle