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Oy, People Are Putting Lattes Inside of Avocados

A coffeehouse in Melbourne that jokingly combined young people’s two primary food groups — the avocado and the latte — into one comically grotesque item has unfortunately set off a legit new food craze. Staff at Truman Cafe thought it would be funny to take a hallowed-out avocado and pull a shot directly into the shell. The espresso just sits there getting all gross and avocado-y until the barista adds frothed milk and makes an Instagram-worthy rosetta (or one at least worthy of a Saturday Night Live artisan-coffeehouse parody ad):

The staff at Truman Cafe created this as a satirical response to an Australian real-estate tycoon who last week argued that young people can’t afford to buy houses anymore because they squander all their money on $19 avocado toast and $4 lattes. “It was actually just a joke,” a barista explained to News.com.au, adding: “I think it’s ridiculous. It’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish.”

But, the internet being what it is, the café says people immediately started coming in and trying to order the item, which is being called an “avolatte,” and social media quickly filled with copycats:

The silver lining, though, is the ability to watch people try and DIY their own versions. Spoiler: Yes, they are “really impractical to drink,” and, yes, there will be “little bits of avocado” in it.

On the bright side, this fad is likely to be a short-lived — these people seem at very high risk of suffering from avocado hand.

Oy, People Are Putting Lattes Inside of Avocados