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Apple Created, and Patented, a Box That Keeps Employees’ Pizza Crispy

Will they call it the iPie?

From the first affordable computer mouse to the iPhone, Apple’s engineers have created a slew of products that completely changed the way we live. And now their design team has done it again, with a takeout box that keeps pizza from getting soggy.

There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly fancy about the boxes, but they nevertheless keep pies in tip-top condition by letting air and moisture escape through “a moisture channeling feature,” thus preventing dreaded crust sog. According to a lengthy Wired story about Apple’s new corporate headquarters, the tech company invented, and patented, the technology, together with its head of food services Francesco Longoni, for its employee cafeterias — meaning that this innovation might ultimately be a passive-aggressive way to encourage the staff to stick to desk lunches.

The real question is, has Apple been devoting all of its resources to the iPizza at the expense of its other products? Is this no-sog pizza box the real reason the iPhone hardware doesn’t seem to be progressing very much these days? Still, crisp pizza does sound more appealing than another iOS update.

Apple Patented a Box That Keeps Employees’ Pizza Crispy