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A Man Ordered an Airline’s Gluten-Free ‘Meal’ — and Got a Single Banana With a Knife and Fork

It’s definitely something. Photo: Marka/UIG via Getty Images

Options for gluten-free eating have expanded significantly in both restaurants and grocery stores in recent years. But there is still one force committed to stopping the tide of flourless pasta that you actually want to eat: Japan’s All Nippon Airways. According to a report in the Telegraph, after Martin Pavelka (who reportedly suffers from celiac disease) ordered a gluten-free breakfast on his nine-hour, $1,311 flight, he received … a single banana. When he complained about the situation, Pavelka says that other customers, high on their eggs and sausages, laughed at him. In defense of All Nippon Airways, the banana was thoughtfully labeled with a “GF” (gluten-free) sticker and, in the greatest own of all time, served with a packet containing a knife, a fork, and salt — making it a complete meal.

Man Who Ordered Airline’s Gluten-Free ‘Meal’ Got One Banana