This New York Bar Is Donating All Its Profits to Causes Oppressed by Trump

The restaurant industry has responded in various ways to Donald Trump’s presidency: transforming into Sanctuary Restaurants, reminding guests that immigrants cook the majority of their food, and hosting fundraising events. A new bar in New York’s Cooper Square, called Coup, seeks to sustain this momentum by donating 100 percent of its profits to causes oppressed by the administration. The founders — Ravi DeRossi, Sother Teague, and Max Green — have asked top bartenders to donate their time, so you can count on the drinks tasting great, too.

The various benefiting organizations will rotate, and there will be a few featured at once. Here’s how it’ll work: You’ll receive a wood token with each drink you purchase, and Coup will display jars with the names of charities, so you can contribute directly to any cause of your choosing. The bar will open for business on April 14, so prepare to head on over!

This Bar’s Donating All Profits to Causes Oppressed by Trump