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People Want the FBI to Give McDonald’s Workers the Facebook Killer’s Reward

“I can’t wait!” Stephens reportedly said. “I need my nuggets now!” Photo: Cleveland Police

American citizens really, really want the eagle-eyed McDonald’s employee who helped catch Facebook killer Steve Stephens to be rewarded for her heroism. The worker was on drive-through duty at her Pennsylvania store at the time, and immediately recognized Stephens, who’d been on the lam for three days, after posting a Facebook video of himself shooting an elderly man in the head. “I think that’s the Facebook killer in our drive-through,” the store’s owner recalls her saying. So they called the police, and even tried to stall his McNuggets order by pretending his fries were going to take “an extra minute.” Stephens bolted without the fries anyway, but police were on his tail as soon as he left the parking lot, and the chase ended with Stephens fatally shooting himself.

The franchisee was fast to praise his workers, as was McDonald’s corporate office, which released a statement, saying: “We applaud the crew members at this McDonald’s restaurant who recognized the suspect and did the right thing by quickly alerting the authorities.” But there was also a $50,000 reward being offered by the FBI and other federal law-enforcement agencies. It’s unclear if the store’s employees qualify for it, but even law-enforcement officials say their quick thinking was crucial. Which people on social media feel is more than enough reason to put money in their hands:

Authorities aren’t commenting on the workers’ eligibility, and add they won’t be disclosing information about the reward, regardless. But at least it looks like the crew’s getting hooked up with free flowers and concert tickets:

People Say McDonald’s Workers Deserve Facebook Killer Reward