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Unstoppable Chef Sets Guinness Record by Cooking Nonstop for 53 Hours

Robots wouldn’t stand a chance if every cook was India’s Vishnu Manohar. This bionic chef, a well-known TV personality, cooked for 53 straight hours this weekend just because he can. It’s believed to be a new Guinness record, shattering the previous one set in 2014 by a Rhode Island chef who went for 40 hours. Manohar did the marathon from a stage in public; local media report he showed “no signs of fatigue” as people lined up for plate after plate of food, and in fact, he even occasionally broke into song.

Once he hit the 53-hour mark, he kept cooking for several more hours to cover for the five-minute breaks he was allotted under Guinness’s rules. When he finally said enough, he thanked the Hindu goddess of nourishment and remarked, “I still have energy to go on for 10 more hours.”

To train, Manohar started cooking about a month ago at airport and train-station restaurants that stay open overnight, in order to get into “the habit of warding off sleep.” He also hired a nutritionist who made him hydrate really well; carbo-load before starting, so he’d have energy stored up; and, for some reason, drink large quantities of buttermilk. The Times of India says he started fading a little in those final couple of hours, but “he requested for some peppy music to be played,” and that “brought back the energy.”

Unstoppable Chef Sets Record by Cooking Nonstop for 53 Hours