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World’s Dumbest Dine-and-Dasher Sprints Into Ocean to Avoid Paying Restaurant Bill

An Australian man who ordered $466 worth of seafood and alcohol was arrested this weekend because he decided that instead of paying, he’d rather run into the ocean. Police say Terry Peck enjoyed a feast for one at Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant on the Brisbane waterfront Sunday evening, consuming two lobster mornays, somewhere between 17 and 21 oyster shooters, a baby octopus, and at least half a dozen Coronas. After all that food, it seems he had no appetite left for paying, so he apparently bolted “straight into the surf at Main beach” when the bill came.

Staff called the police, who rode into the water on Jet Skis to coax Peck — a rapper who performs as “2pec” when he’s not drunkenly dining and dashing — back onto dry land. At first, they suggested he wade back in voluntarily, but he allegedly refused, forcing them to (as the above video shows) drag him ashore with a fair amount of difficulty.

Peck spent today being charged with theft and two counts of seriously assaulting a police officer, which may help explain why he seems to be missing his clothes in the video. He complained to media at the courthouse that Omeros had overcooked its lobster, the oyster shooters had contained bits of shell, and that he’d only fled without paying because, as it happens, he needed to “help a friend who was giving birth on the beach.” The restaurant’s manager didn’t have any commentary about the well-timed beach birth, but he didn’t take kindly to the establishment’s lobster being disrespected. “We pride ourselves on cooking our lobsters perfectly,” he told Australia’s ABC.

Dine-and-Dasher Runs Into Ocean to Avoid Paying Food Bill