Hungry Couple Holds Wedding Reception at In-N-Out by Church

“Speak now, or forever hold your cheese.” Photo: KTLA

There’s a serious new competitor in the fast-food-wedding-industrial complex. In-N-Out hosted its first-ever reception for a newlywed couple at a location outside Los Angeles on Friday. This trend — a cottage industry shamelessly exploited in recent years by McDonald’s, Burger King, and Shake Shack (as well as non-burger rivals like Taco Bell and Domino’s) — apparently wasn’t one the chain was necessarily dying to join; it was more that Vanessa and Juan Pablo Cervantes “really like” In-N-Out, so they suggested having their reception there “as a joke.” But then friends and family told them that actually kind of sounded amazing, and what sane, practical person would mess with a fondue fountain after hearing that?

The groom is also stationed at an Air Force base in New Mexico. In-N-Out is obviously all over California, but also has locations in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona — plus 34 as far away as Texas, yet it cruelly skips New Mexico. Cervantes told KTLA he’s “been gone for a while,” which was all the channel’s news anchors needed to know (it “provides a bit of California nostalgia for the groom”). They held the ceremony at a local church, then relocated everybody to an In-N-Out literally around the corner, which they entered dressed in wedding attire, and then proceeded to order two Double-Doubles and some Animal-style fries.

Here’s to wishing the couple years of happiness just like this:

Hungry Couple Holds Wedding Reception at In-N-Out by Church