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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Celebrate Thomas Keller and Team USA’s Bocuse d’Or Victory

Thomas Keller and his new gold trophy swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Ostensibly, the segment highlighted Team USA’s first-ever victory in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or competition, but — in typical chef-on-late-night-show fashion — viewers were instead treated to eight minutes of awkward cooking instruction. Kimmel can barely finish a joke before Keller tells him, “I want to get you to work.” The host is then forced to make the garnish from USA’s meat platter, which involves channeling carrots, spiraling threads of pretzel dough around a coronet, and delicately placing microgreens on top. It’s just as complicated as it sounds.

“But no one’s ever going to do this, right?” Kimmel kids, “because at the end of it, all you have is a little carrot.” Keller, always poised, responds: “All you have is a carrot that’s wrapped in a pretzel that’s worth gold.”

Watch Thomas Keller’s Awkward Jimmy Kimmel Cooking Segment