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Two Teens Staged a Fake Proposal at a Fancy Restaurant to Get Free Dessert

After a rough week of being teenagers, Cati Domitrovich and Alex Nagle decided they deserved a special night this past Saturday. So they hatched a plan that involved going to a fancy dinner as a pretend couple. At the end of the meal, Nagle dropped onto one knee with a large purple-diamond ring, a “shocked” Domitrovich ecstatically said yes, the server got called over to snap pictures, the restaurant cheered, and then — like it always does — a free congratulatory dessert materialized from the kitchen:

Domitrovich tells BuzzFeed the free dessert was “really good.” Nagle adds it was “really fun,” and that they’re even “thinking about doing it other places,” only they’re nervous restaurants in the area have been put on notice by now.

If the duo really wants to up their game, they’ll have to fake-complain about that dessert, send it back, and demand their whole meal for free.

Teens Fake Proposal at Fancy Restaurant to Get Free Dessert