Maybe a Zero-Star Times Review Means You Can Finally Get Into Sugarfish

Will the restaurant soon look like this? Photo: Melissa Hom

Ever since Los Angeles’s beloved Sugarfish expanded to New York in November, people have waited hours (up to five!) for the affordable, omakase-style sushi. New York’s Adam Platt wasn’t impressed, and now New York Times critic Pete Wells has dropped a zero-star review, writing:

The fish is uniformly soft and pretty, but none of it tastes much like fish. Sweet shrimp and sea scallops were both exactly as they should be. But there was no heft to the tuna, no depth to the salmon, and anybody who happens to like shiny-skinned, fishy-tasting species like mackerel or sardines is in the wrong restaurant.

Will this review do anything to mitigate Sugarfish’s unbearable wait times? Probably not, considering the restaurant’s loyal fanbase (and its compelling price point), but if you’re still curious, now is certainly the time to try and eat at the no-reservations hot spot.

Maybe a Zero-Star Times Review Will Make Sugarfish Bearable