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Someone Has Made Spaghetti Doughnuts, and the Internet Has Taken the Bait

The new vendor lineup for Brooklyn food market Smorgasburg was released today and it did not disappoint: There’s now something called “spaghetti doughnuts.” These are exactly what they sound like — pasta cooked with eggs and cheese, à la spaghetti pie, and formed into a doughnut shape — and they would seem to exist for no reason other than Instagrammability.

The vendor responsible for these sp’onuts is Pop’s Pasta, and you can count on lines when Smorgasburg reopens this weekend. It’s already all over the Twitterverse, though not everyone is thrilled by idea of, alternately, a not-sweet doughnut or sweet, doughnut-shaped pasta:

Grub Street is nothing if not fair, though, and so final judgement will be withheld until the sp’onuts are tried. They might be delicious? But one thing is already certain: There has been serious escalation from the now-seemingly-innocent days of ramen burgers and Hong Kong waffles. And say what you want about last year’s Smorgasburg star, the raindrop cake, but there’s no way to look at it and not want to poke it. But the advent of the spaghetti doughnut makes one thing very clear: Like global warming, the onset of terrifying viral foods — the unicorn-algae lattes and whatever — has happened faster than anyone expected, and we’ve truly hit the point of no return.

The Internet Has Taken the Bait on Spaghetti Doughnuts