Hard-Core Brunchers Can Now Relax in Japan’s Maple-Syrup Baths

Will likely be syrupier in real life.

There’s a real live maple-syrup bath located in Japan’s famous Hakone Kowakien Yunessun hot-springs theme park — the same beloved getaway where guests can relax in sweltering tubs of green tea, or in pools of red wine and sake. (The park offered some pretty intense ramen baths of its own for a while.) But for the 60th anniversary of Japanese food company Morinaga’s pancake mix, Yunessun has added this special breakfast-scented bath that imbues soakers with a syrupy aroma and “gentle notes of vanilla.” The result, Rocket News 24 says, of staff cycling by three times a day to empty more bottles of real maple syrup into the water. Sounds tranquil, if a little on the sticky side.

Hard-Core Brunchers Can Now Relax in Maple-Syrup Baths