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Customer Begs Restaurant Not to Judge After Buying 3 Orders of Mozzarella Sticks

Some people work out when they’re stressed. Some people play Call of Duty. Other people get three orders of fried cheese and pray you won’t judge them. Toronto restaurant owner Michael Fresco says his response was just to laugh when he saw this note explaining why a customer’s order included enough mozzarella sticks to satisfy table of hungry TGI Friday’s patrons. His spot, Fresco’s Fish & Chips, had just brought the popular menu item back after a brief hiatus, and this individual was elated to just have one good thing happen in an otherwise rough week.

Who hasn’t been there? Photo: adri164/Reddit

The person asked for three orders of mozzarella sticks, an order of fried pickles, a side of coleslaw, and two Diet Cokes — an almost $30 meal with arguably very little nutritional value — then stuck a note on it explaining why. “Yes — I meant to order 3 mozzarella sticks. Please dont judge me,” it instructed. “Im having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu.” Fresco thought it was “hilarious,” and showed his daughter, who posted a picture of the receipt on Reddit, where it’s really struck a chord (it now has more than 1,800 comments).

Torontonians pumped to learn Fresco’s fabled cheese sticks have returned have started annotating their own orders, like this message by a recent customer who didn’t even bother to justify their two orders of fried cheese: “Didnt have as bad a week as the other person, but you need to give them a kick back for letting Toronto know the Mozza Sticks are back on the menu!”

Customer Says ‘Don’t Judge’ 3 Orders of Mozzarella Sticks