Cheetos Made an Easter Clothing Line That Helps You Avoid Cheetos Fingers


Cheetos has created a fashion line that turns the season’s hot styles into functional items that save wearers’ fingers from Cheetle, a.k.a. the official name for the dead orange-gunky giveaway that you’ve been eating the snack. It’s Chester Cheetah’s “exclusive snackwear line,” designed with some help from the clothing-crowdfunding platform Betabrand. The collection contains ten items of just regular, everyday pieces intended for Easter-season wear, things like a leopard-print ascot for men that has a hidden Cheetos compartment for hands-free snacking, and something called a Sound-Muffling Muffler — presumably the only article of women’s clothing that lets you “covertly open a bag of Cheetos in your Easter best.”

Other items include a blazer with a “refillable pocket of cheese-dust cleaning napkins,” pants with napkins built into the lap (“lapkins”), and an assortment of parasols, suspenders, and Easter hats all capable of discreetly concealing Cheetos from the naked eye and keeping that dust contained. None of them are for sale yet, but the top vote-getter on the Betabrand site eventually will be. Maybe next on Chester’s design list should be an invincibility cloak, so the guy who spent almost $100,000 on a Harambe-shaped Flamin’ Hot Cheeto can go hide forever inside it.

Cheetos’s New Clothing Line Helps You Avoid Cheetos Fingers