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Bride in Burrito-Wrapper Dress Better Win Taco Bell’s Wedding Contest

A bride-to-be who really, really wants to win Taco Bell’s Love and Tacos contest (prize: an all-expenses-paid wedding at the new Taco Bell Chapel in Vegas) has fabricated her own dress to improve the couple’s odds. She’s up against nine other finalists who are making compelling cases for why they should be married at the altar of the Crunchwrap Supreme — reasons that range from falling in love over tacos to legit getting engaged inside a Taco Bell — but Diane Nguyen would be the only one walking the aisle in a floor-length gown made of hot-glued burrito wrappers.

For their official entry pic, the two posed for a first look of sorts at the Taco Bell register:

They’ve been together for a decade, and Taco Bell has been there “through the years, from the after-school runs, to late meals after work (or a night of partying),” Nguyen writes in the entry. “Our love for each other is as cheesy as a quesadilla. We’re nachos getting married, it’s going to be a Las Vegas tacover. Lettuce celebrate our love at the Taco Bell Chapel in Vegas, cuz we are ready to guac and roll.” Assuming her hours of DIY dressmaking pay off, the two will get to tie the knot with a Taco Bell garter, bouquet made from sauce packets, a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake, and an incredibly romantic taco 12-pack.

Bride Made a Burrito-Wrapper Dress to Win Taco Bell Contest