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Arby’s Will Bring Its Deer-Meat Sandwiches to New York on Saturday

Just like on that last hunting trip with Uncle Dave… Photo: Arby’s

This week, meat chain Arby’s, a.k.a. Jon Stewart’s number one frenemy, opened just its second location in New York at 32 East 23rd Street. And while people seem to generally be grossed out by Arby’s, they haven’t — for some reason — been able to resist the allure of fast-food venison. Its venison sandwich, which debuted back in October, has regularly sold out at the select locations where it’s sold, with customers going so far as to start lining up at 9 a.m. — as if it isn’t a deer-meat sandwich sold by the “We Have the Meats™” people. In the past, it’d been sold at locations in “heavy deer-hunting areas” because, yeah; but to celebrate this new location, Arby’s will bring the sandwich to New York. It’ll be offered this Saturday in limited quantities, and the restaurant is near Madison Park — where you can, uh, pretend you’re in nature? — so everyone who is interested in the intersection of game meats and fast food: mark your calendars.

Arby’s Bringing Deer-Meat Sandwiches to New York on Saturday