Anthony Bourdain Politely Offered to ‘Rearrange’ David Duke’s Kneecaps

Not having any of it. Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Did you think Anthony Bourdain is a firm supporter of white genocide? David Duke, an ex-Klansman, gave the chef a wake-up call last night when he retweeted a comically absurd attack on Bourdain by a right-wing publisher called Counter-Currents, which he cited as new proof of a Jewish conspiracy to kill white people:

“Exterminating the White race is the only hope, according to (((Anthony Bourdain))),” Duke added above Counter-Currents’ tweet, using the alt-right’s triple-bracket ID system. The tweet links to a snippet from a 2016 Parts Unknown episode Bourdain filmed in Cologne, Germany — a city with lots of immigrants. In that episode, he eats with the artist and chef René Stessl. Stessl tells Bourdain that racism is a huge problem in Germany, and that he wishes for “a kind of utopia [where] the whole world will mix up with each other,” and “there will be no white people and only cappuccino colored.” Bourdain sees some wisdom in that, and replies: “It’s gonna take some time, but it’s really the only way, the sort of Singaporean model where everybody is so mixed up, you don’t know who to hate because everybody is so hopelessly intertwined.” The YouTube user whom Duke and Counter-Currents linked to says that makes Bourdain an “anti-white Jew.”

Bourdain, who’s half-Catholic, half-Jewish, and not at all pro-genocide, rolled out of bed this morning, and decided this is not how he wanted to spend his Friday:

Anthony Bourdain Offers to ‘Rearrange’ David Duke’s Kneecaps