Cool Wendy’s Twitter Account Blows It by Tweeting White-Supremacist Mascot

Feels bad man.

It was nice while it lasted? Everybody’s favorite snarky corporate Twitter account has gone from heroically owning trolls to tweeting designated hate symbols in the course of, eh, about two days. Just hours before, whoever destroyed the smart-ass who questioned Wendy’s “fresh, never frozen” motto was being showered with praises like “2017’s best tweet so far” and “the 2017 inspiration you need,” but that ended in short order Wednesday after they accidentally replied in very poor taste to a random user’s request for “any memes”:

For a while, Pepe the Frog did innocuously blanket pages on Imgur, 4chan, and Tumblr, but then the alt-right ruined him so thoroughly that this past September the Anti-Defamation League officially added his image to their database of hate symbols. But Wendy’s social-media person — who seems to have slept through most of 2016 — still posted that red-haired, freckly Pepe, fusing the company’s child mascot with an anti-Semitic symbol used by white supremacists. The tweet disappeared within minutes, and the account later tweeted an explanation:

To Wendy’s Twitter manager’s credit, knowing memes from hate symbols was apparently not part of their original job description:

Wendy’s Twitter Account Tweets White-Supremacy Mascot