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The Daily Show Got Trump’s Inauguration Cake and Wants Tips for What to Do With It

Funny irony for a man whose diet is as bland and boring as humanly possible, but food continues to be a source of embarrassment from which Donald Trump just can’t escape: The Daily Show has somehow gotten a hold of the inauguration cake that turned out to be a layer-by-layer copy of the one Duff Goldman made Obama in 2013. Trump’s staff were no doubt instructed to incinerate the thing, but some cake fairy snuck it out and delivered it to the show. “We came to work yesterday,” Trevor Noah explains, “and Donald Trump’s cake was here at the building.”

Noah thinks the towering dessert looks just fine, but after giving it a close-up inspection, he’s scandalized to learn how much Styrofoam these things actually involve (“Just like Trump’s administration, this cake is terrible for the environment”).

What becomes of it now, the show’s putting entirely in the hands of the People. “Don’t be like violent or anything,” Noah instructs. “We’re not going to smash it. And we don’t want to pee on it, or hire Russians to pee on it.” But they do want America’s best ideas, and in theory, everything else is fair game. Start tweeting your most brilliant suggestions using the hashtag #TrumpCake.

Tell The Daily Show What to Do With Trump’s Inaugural Cake