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New York Now Has Its Very Own Brunch Festival

It’s happening. Photo: Omid Tavallai/CC/flickr

New York, the city where there is a festival for everyone: people who like to get blackout drunk in Santa costumes, Guy Fieri festishists, comics nerds, and, apparently, the brunch brigade. The first-ever BrunchCon is going down in — where else? — Brooklyn, at Grand Prospect Hall on March 26, during the mimosa-soaked hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be 50 restaurants on hand, including Bricolage and Manousheh, along with an open mimosa bar (it wouldn’t be brunch without an all-you-can-drink offer), brunch-themed goods for sale, a hangover lounge, and, for some reason, speed-dating. Tickets go for $55 until February 15, after which they’ll cost $60.

New York’s First-Ever BrunchCon Scheduled for March 26