A White Café Owner Celebrated MLK Day With a Fried-Chicken Special

The owner says the situation “shouldn’t have gotten out of hand.” Photo: Azle Cafe/Facebook

A Texas restaurant owner admits she may have struck out with Monday’s lunch special commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Sabrina Pyle tells WFAA it seemed harmless at first — she was actually pretty excited about “this incredible, ingenious idea” for a dish that would bring people in for some of Azle Café’s Southern home-style cooking. Naturally, it being the day’s special, she advertised it in a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page. It read:

Happy MLK Day guys! Come have some chicken 🍗 & waffles w/a side of watermelon 🍉

Pyle now admits she “didn’t think through” the special. She removed the post, but not before the offensive combo circulated pretty widely online. Around this point, the angry phone calls began, and reviews started pouring in with personal attacks like “You should know better, you racist scum,” and “You are going to hell, end of story.” It’s Pyle’s opinion things “got blown way out of proportion, way fast,” and she tells the local news she found the public’s reaction “hurtful.”

She adds she’s not racist, realizes now the idea was “distasteful,” and will make doubly sure the food she serves on that particular holiday from here on out doesn’t carry negative racial stereotypes. As she explains, “I was thinking we have margaritas and tacos on Cinco de Mayo, so let’s have some fun with Martin Luther King Day.”

A Café Celebrated MLK Day With a Fried-Chicken Special